L 2 H I D E A W A Y

Welcome to your Mid Rate x35 High Five Server.

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L 2 H I D E A W A Y

1. Download and Install
The High Five Game Client.

After installation, do not launch the game, instead, find the installation directory, C:\Program Files (x86)\NCsoft\Lineage II then delete the system folder and replace it with ours.

2. Download and Replace
Our L2 HideAway System folder.

Replace your existing system folder with ours, Start the game with L2.exe

Accounts are Created Automatically - Simply Login and Play!

Make sure to use a Password never used before on another server

This helps to prevent Scammers or Account Hacks

Our Server Features

2 Hour Buffs

Auto Mana / HP Potions

Hero's Awarded weekly

All Quests and Epic Raid bosses 100% Working

Community Board - Scheme Buffer, Teleport, Shops, Blacksmith + More

Hourly Events Capture the Flag, Korean Style, Treasure Hunt + More

Donation Shop - Donator Coins

GM Shop up to S80 gear

Vote Rewards every 12 hours

Balanced Classes

Vote for us!

Vote for your server every 12 hours. Click on all 3 vote buttons and earn a reward in the game. Save all your Vote Coins to spend in our GM SHOP!

Top Zone
Hop Zone
Vote our sever on HopZone.Net
TOP 200
Vote on Top 200


1 USD = 10 Donator Coins

Donator Coins can be used in game to purchase items from our donation shop. Top grade Armors, Weapons and more!

If you donate to L2HideAway, you AGREE that you the donator are not entitled too and you are not guaranteed, nor promised, any goods, services, items, or anything.

These Donations are Strictly to be used to fund our server costs.

Once you make a Donation, you the Donator AGREE that there will be no refunds for lost, missing or stolen items. You are responsible for your account.

Please add special instructions with your donation, character name and allow 1-12 hrs to receive your Donator Coins in game.

Thank you for your Donation, and your Support

Please Click the PAYPAL Button Below to get started.

1500 Players Maximum
100 Mbit Dedicated Server
1 Admin
2 Great Developers

L2 HideAway Team



The Maker of Events, the informer of all things game related, the players voice. GM staff will never ask you for your password. We are dedicated to serving you, helping you with any problems you could have in game. Our GM's main goal is to Host events, Grant rewards, settle disputes, and report bugs.



Behind the scenes I work hard to ensure all bugs are fixed, and provide support for a stable server environment. We all hope you enjoy playing on our server. Make sure to get involved with the forum and submit all your bugs, problems, or issues there. Thank you for choosing L2 HideAway.



I am the owner and the Admin for L2HideAway. I will do my best to keep a stable, lag free server, available for all the players, with no wipes. L2HideAway is a FREE to play JAVA Emulator. Donations are not required to obtain all the items in-game, but donations will help support our server and the costs to run and maintain the server in the future. Thank you for choosing L2HideAway, we hope you enjoy the server as much as we have developing it for you. Play, Vote, Invite a Friend, Repeat!

You like what you see! Download the system folder.

Get Connected, Invite your Friends, Join our Server.

L2 HideAway, we're sure you'll love us!


Territory Wars


Castle Sieges


Grand Olympiad

Welcome to your Mid Rate x35 High Five Server L 2 H I D E A W A Y